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A Complete Guide to Truck Trailer Types

There are lots of different types of truck trailers, each featuring different load capacities for various purposes. Proper selection of the right trailer type depends on the type of cargo that will be carried. For instance, if you have any load that requires protection from the sun, then a closed trailer will be the right choice.

Other factors you need to consider to ensure your trailer best fits your needs are construction, suspension and brand reputation. These will help you select the right trailer that will protect your cargo and your vehicle.

Here are some types of truck trailers for your transportation needs.

Five Common Truck Trailer Types

Box trailer

This trailer is handy for personal and business use. It can easily tow tall and heavy loads and assist with relocating huge or fragile items. It usually features galvanised coating so you can transport different things in any weather condition.

It also has sufficient space so you can haul a large number of items. You also won’t have to squash your cargo as box trailers feature various height levels. The enclosed design also keeps the items secure and safe. They’re also low-maintenance and durable, so you won’t have to worry about constant repairs or replacements.

Flat top trailer

A flat top trailer features a fully usable open deck that’s perfect for carrying cargo of any shape. Your cargo is easy to access, remove and tie down. Ensure that your flat top trailer is made from high-quality materials so the frame is sturdy and robust. The frame should also be galvanised to make sure it’s rust-resistant, and the tray should also be scratch-resistant to allow for longer use. 

Some common uses for flat top trailers are transporting machinery or farm produce. They are perfect for heavy loads due to their size and stability, and they’re also versatile – if you add a side kit, they can carry more cargo like livestock or vehicles.

Hydraulic tipper box trailer

A tipper trailer is perfect for unloading loose cargo such as gravel, bricks and rocks. It features a convenient tipping loading floor that can be personalised based on your preferences. You can also add accessories such as a ladder rack, sideboards or mesh sides to make it more versatile.

Choose a tipper trailer with a high payload capacity without compromising the tare weight. Also, make sure it can withstand rough conditions and harsh use to make it long-lasting. Trailers with galvanised steel bases are durable and won’t easily corrode for optimum performance. Also, consider having a spare wheel with you in case of emergency.

Flatbed trailer

This is the most commonly used type of trailer. It’s highly versatile and can be used for transporting almost anything, like lumber or steel coils. It features open sides that makes it easy to load and unload goods. Your cargo can either be picked up by a forklift from the side or a crane from the top.

A flatbed trailer’s maximum weight is about 48,000 lbs. Since your cargo won’t be covered when being transported, you can consider covering it with a tarp. Various kinds of tarps include steel truck tarps, lumber tarps and smoke tarps.

Lowboy trailer

Lowboy trailers, or double-drop trailers are semi-trailers that feature a drop deck. They feature two drops in the deck that make them very close to the ground. These trailers allow transportation of huge items like construction materials that are heavier than the weight limit of other types of trailers.

They usually transport equipment like excavators and bulldozers. The weight limit can be increased to around 80,000 lbs. However, carrying such heavy loads would require permits from authorities.

Since lowboy trailers feature a lower centre of gravity, they have better stability than other trailer types. The wider cargo plane will keep your items safe during transportation. They also feature an adaptable design that accommodates oversized equipment without risking any safety standard, driver, or cargo.

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