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Tips on Box Trailer Maintenance

You’ve most likely bought a box trailer if you move large cargo, such as furniture or appliances. Even if you don’t move cargo, a box trailer can come in handy for large purchases from home improvement stores. You must keep up with maintenance no matter what you use your box trailer for. You want to ensure that your investment serves you for many years. That’s why we’ll go through the top box trailer maintenance tips to keep your investment in tip-top shape!

How to Maintain a Box Trailer

The foremost tip is to buy a box trailer from a reputable dealer to ensure that you are getting a durable and robust carrier. Once you have it, here are some tips on box trailer maintenance to ensure that it lasts. Following these will also keep you safe while using the trailer.

What to Do Before Each Trip

  • Check that the trailer is adequate for the load and the road conditions.
  • Check the trailer’s roadworthiness. Check tires for wear and tear and ensure proper tire inflation. Check the tire rims and ensure that wheel nuts are tightly bolted. Check that the lights, suspension, brakes, and bearings are properly working. Make sure that the safety chain is properly attached using the D shackle.
  • Ensure that the trailer is on a level surface when loading and unloading.
  • Distribute the load weight evenly and ensure that there is no overhang.
  • Secure the load properly. If a load comes loose, it will result in losses and cause an accident.
  • After loading, properly stow and secure ramps, gates, and jockey wheels. Ensure that you have a spare tire secured, as well.

What to Do During Each Trip

  • Follow all laws and road rules covering the operation of a trailer.
  • Drive within the speed limit specified for towing the trailer.
  • Keep your distance from other vehicles to allow a safe space for turning and braking.
  • Adjust your driving according to road conditions.
  • Never leave the towing vehicle unattended while running.

What to Do After Each Trip

  • Clean the trailer thoroughly using non-caustic cleaners. A buildup of dirt and salt will corrode your trailer severely.
  • Spray the hinges, locks, coupling, and suspension parts with WD40 as protection from moisture to prevent rusting.
  • If the trailer is in storage and not used for an extended period, repeat the lubrication regularly.
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What to Do Within the First 1,000 Miles

  • Test the lug nut tension after the first 300 miles and then after the first 800 miles. Tighten them properly as needed.
  • Afterwards, periodically check lug nut tension along with your overall maintenance checks.

What to Do When the Temperature Changes

  • Changes between seasons, especially the onset of extreme temperatures, cause tires to expand and contract, affecting tire pressure. You must check and adjust tire pressure accordingly.

Maintenance Every 3 Months

  • Repeat all the trailer roadworthiness checks every three months, no matter how often or how rarely you use the trailer.
  • Replace tires with worn treads because these cannot grip wet roads well, and you can lose control of the trailer.

Yearly Maintenace

  • Service the trailer hubs once a year and grease the bearings. That prevents corrosion and the misalignment of tires.

Keep Your Box Trailer Well-Maintained

A well-maintained box trailer is a substantial investment. It’s crucial to follow the recommended maintenance procedures to keep your trailer safe and operational. You’ll ensure that your trailer lasts for many years and serves you well when needed.

Of course, it is crucial to buy a sturdy box trailer to make a good investment. King Kong Trailers offers the strongest box trailers being sold in Sydney. Fill out a form today for enquiries on our trailers.

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