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Car Trailer

Car Trailer

Car Trailers: Robust Solutions for Vehicle Transportation

Hauling and transporting cars is a difficult job, being a massive hassle both in terms of safety and logistics. To help tackle this job, it’s best to invest in a high quality car trailer from King Kong Trailers. Whether you’re in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle. Queanbeyan or Canberra, these trailers make it easy and convenient to transport your vehicles to wherever you need them to be.

Got a business where you need to transport cars for your customers? Trust King Kong Trailers to move them reliably. Our trailers are heavy duty, with design and construction that lets you haul cars that are heavy. Choose from our 3500kg car trailers for sale to get yourself one trailer that can transport even the heaviest of cars, including Toyota Land Cruisers. 

Our 3.5 tonne car trailer for sale is also versatile enough to transport other things that need hauling, like heavy or bulky equipment. Farm and industrial machines, tractors and the like are all suitable for transportation, simply tie them down to ensure they don’t come loose. 

You can also use these car carrier trailers as motorbike trailers, or even as quad bike trailers for you can take them on your off road adventures. Cruise around in the comfort of your car while your motorbikes or quad bikes sit on the trailer safe and secure for you to enjoy riding them later. 

Got a race car that’s not legal to drive on the public roads and need to get them to the track? We’ve got you covered with our car carrier trailer for sale, as they can double as a race car trailer. These car towing trailers come with integrated ramps that make loading your race car simple and easy, and can also be optioned with a manual winch to make the process less stressful. You can also rest assured that our trailers are heavy duty and won’t risk damaging your car from trailer failure or defects. 

Got a show car that needs to be transported to a show? Don’t risk not making it due to a breakdown or risk damaging bodywork from potholes and steep ramps. Buy a car trailer today and make sure you stay in the running to win your car show awards by keeping your car away from rocks and debris.

Our heavy duty car trailer for sale have features that make them a joy to use. Multiple tie down points, sturdy construction, durable hot dipped galvanised steel, integrated slide down ramps, and optional spare tyre and 1.5 tonne manual winch make our car carrier trailer for sale some of the best in Australia. These car trailers for sale NSW also feature a tandem axle, giving you great stability and safety for hauling heavy cars and loads over long journeys and at higher speeds.

Pick from our car trailers for sale Sydney, Gosford, Central Coast, Queanbeyan, Canberra and Newcastle today and get a quality trailer like no other. Check them out online or come to one of our convenient stores to speak with our helpful team. With King Kong Trailers, you get an affordable trailer without compromising on quality. Get yours and start transporting your cars (or other vehicles) today!

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