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Cargo Trailers Sydney, For Sale

Trailers with weak construction can become a serious road hazard, not just to you, but also to other drivers. Buy strong, reliable trailers for sale in Sydney and the regional area around NSW. Browse our online store for heavy duty-trailers that will get you and your cargo safely to your destination.

Why Get a King Kong Trailer?

King Kong Trailers offers high quality trailers for sale in New South Wales to help you safely and securely transport cargo, regardless of distance. Our trailers are strong, are rated for heavy loads, and have a large volume of space for cargo. They feature hot-dipped galvanised coating, providing protection from rust and corrosion, saving you money in repairs, maintenance, and replacement.

We offer three types of trailers:

Box trailers are general purpose trailers. They have four side panels and are great for a variety of hauling tasks. As long as everything you’re hauling can fit in a box trailer, this is probably what you’ll want to get. Otherwise, you’ll need a flat top trailer.

Flat top trailers are perfect for people hauling bigger, heavier loads or people hauling a variety of differently sized items. They have no side panels, just a flat, sturdy surface. This makes them simple but also versatile as the size of your cargo isn’t restricted by the box trailer’s panels. This is perfect for farms, vehicle manufacturers, mechanics, and anyone else hauling large materials or equipment.

Hydraulic tipper box trailers are box trailers that have a hydraulic pump that raises the trailer on one side for easier loading and unloading. Most of these trailers come with safety ramps to slide your cargo off the trailer. These trailers are also good for hauling loose cargo like gravel, as tipping the trailer makes it easy to unload the material.

Construction Trailer Sydney, Gosford, Newcastle and more 

Hauling Solutions for Every Construction Need

In the dynamic world of construction, having the right trailer can make all the difference. At King Kong Trailers, we understand the unique challenges faced by construction professionals and have curated a comprehensive range of trailers to meet every need. Our unwavering commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition.

Versatile Trailer Options for Construction Professionals

Whether you’re hauling heavy machinery, building materials, or your trusted work crew, Supplies For Trailers has got you covered with a diverse selection of trailer solutions. Our product range includes:

With such a comprehensive selection, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect trailer to meet your specific requirements, ensuring smooth and efficient operations on every job site.

Hydraulic Tipper Box Trailers: Effortless Unloading, Unmatched Efficiency

Among our flagship offerings, the hydraulic tipper box trailers have garnered widespread acclaim for their unparalleled performance and efficiency. These cutting-edge trailers feature a hydraulic pump that raises the trailer on one side, allowing for effortless unloading of your cargo. 

Hydraulic tipper box trailers are particularly well-suited for hauling loose materials like gravel, soil, or demolition debris, as tipping the trailer makes it easy to unload the material precisely where you need it. With their robust construction and versatile design, these trailers are a game-changer for construction professionals seeking to maximise productivity and efficiency on the job site.

Built to Last, Designed for Durability

At Supplies For Trailers, we understand the demands of the construction industry, which is why our trailers are designed with durability in mind. From single axle trailers to tandem axle trailers, our products are built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring your cargo arrives safely at its destination.

Moreover, our trailers feature hot-dipped galvanised coating, providing superior protection against rust and corrosion. This not only enhances the longevity of your investment but also helps you save on repair, maintenance, and replacement costs in the long run.

With Supplies For Trailers, you can trust that your trailer will not only meet but exceed your expectations, making your job easier and more efficient. Explore our extensive range today and experience the difference that a high-quality trailer can make for your construction business.

If you need more information to choose the right trailer for you, you can read more here.

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Our trailers feature hot-dipped galvanised coating to make them durable and long lasting. It protects them from rust and corrosion and preserves steel protection. It also helps you save more in repairs, maintenance and replacement. Additional features include a drop down ramp, spare wheel or LED tail lights.

Choose King Kong Trailers for convenient and safe towing of your cargo. Our heavy duty trailers are reliable in hauling heavy, tall or fragile goods. These are a perfect investment for people in the construction business, transportation industry or someone simply looking to transport supplies.

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Buy our box trailers online or schedule a trailer inspection today.

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