Hydraulic tipper box trailer

Hydraulic tipper box trailer

Hydraulic Tipper Box Trailer For Sale in Sydney

Manually hauling heavy loads is not only tiresome; it’s also a logistical and safety nightmare. For this, it pays to invest in quality tipper box trailers from King Kong Trailers. Available for sale in Sydney, these hydraulic tipper box trailers ensure the secure transportation of your items.

Whether you’re hauling stacks and rolls of hay from one end of the farm to another or you’re moving manufactured products across Sydney, King Kong Trailers’ hydraulic tipper is the most important equipment you need.

Made with hot-tipped galvanised coating for increased durability and longer lifespan, these hydraulic trailers are protected from rust and corrosion. The quality of the materials used to create these trailers also preserves the steel parts’ protection, making them less vulnerable to wear and deterioration.

The tipper boxes also have more useful features, including a drop down ramp, spare wheel and LED tail lights. With this tipper as your cargo transport of choice, you can rest assured that your things arrive safe and in place.

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King Kong Trailers aims to be the biggest in the industry, providing businesses across Sydney durable and heavy-duty trailers that securely transport goods no matter the distance.

We offer high quality box trailers available at affordable prices, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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