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Top 9 Box Trailer Camping Ideas

Keen to go start a camper trailer project? Box trailers are a great affordable alternative to caravans that will also save you space when you put it into storage. Coming up with some ideas to turn your box trailer into a capable piece of equipment doesn’t need to be hard. Check out these cracker box trailer camping ideas and take your camping road trips to the next level.

Simple Box Trailer Camping Ideas

LED Lights

Hook up some LED lights on the inside and outside of your box trailer to add illumination

The first tip that we have to turn your camping trips up a notch with your box trailer is with some LED lights. You can put a few LED strips both on the outside and inside of your trailer. The outer lights will be able to provide you with some lighting for late-night barbeques and extra visibility for your campfire. Interior lights will be able to help you find all the necessary tools that you’ve brought along.


To fit all the tools you bring with you on your trip will be some shelving units. You can make some of your own with wood from your local hardware store. That way, you can make them fit your exact needs. 

Bigger shelves can store larger items that you might need like a portable stove. You can make some smaller shelves for general tools like screwdrivers, shears, or to store your cutlery.

Storage Boxes

Another simple box trailer camping idea is to add some extra storage space with a storage box or storage drawers. You can make some out of metal to fit sharp tools that might otherwise scratch or damage your other goods inside the trailer. 

Getting The Right Tow Vehicle

Make sure you have a car capable of towing your box trailer properly

Our final simple tip when it comes to using a box trailer for your next camping trip is to make sure your tow vehicle has enough towing capacity. A small car with a low powered engine is unlikely to be able to tow your trailer, and bigger cars with low towing capacity can still struggle. The extra weight from the custom mods that you’ve put in your trailer can add considerable weight. 

Stuff That’ll Need DIY Work For A Full Trailer Camper Conversion

In this section, we’ll go through some ideas for a full trailer camper conversion.

Solid Metal Shell

Use some aluminium checker plate to create a protective shell over your box trailer

Weld up some aluminium checker plate and create a boxed housing for your trailer. Choose aluminium over steel to save weight and increase durability. This will open up a lot of different options for what you want to do next with it. With an enclosed design, you can line the inside of the trailer with carpeting and put more fragile items inside. These could include portable stoves or electrical appliances like a fridge.

Portable Power Station Toolbox

At the front of your box trailer will be space for an integrated toolbox. You can either attach one yourself or get one straight from the manufacturer. This toolbox at the front of your box trailer will have room for you to fit a battery or power station to provide you electricity for appliances and charging. 

This is great for powering your fridge or an onboard electric stove. Drill some holes to fit more permanent wiring for your fixed appliances, making sure to provide as much weather protection as possible.

Rooftop Camper Tent

Attach a rooftop tent onto your box trailer as a great off ground sleeping option

Add a rooftop camper tent to provide you with some shelter from the harsh Aussie sun and from rainy weather. Find one that will fit the size of your box trailer. Please make sure that the top of your box trailer is strong enough to handle the weight of your camper tent with you inside it.

Alternatively, you can add some awnings and make your own custom tent exactly how you want. This can be done by adding some support beams and railing on the corners of your box trailer and attaching your own homemade tent onto it.

Water Tank

Attach a water tank inside the caravan for somewhere to put fresh water. You hook up a tap with some simple plumbing inside the caravan. If you want to put this tap outside your caravan for easy access, you will need to add some protection to cover it from the elements. We suggest having the tap recessed into the body of your box trailer so that you can add a small door to cover it.

Spare Wheel Mount

Carry everything you need to change a flat tyre with your box trailer

Don’t get stranded on your camping trip with a flat or tyre. Weld on some spare wheel mounts onto the front of your box trailer to carry spare wheels for either the box trailer or for your tow vehicle. You can then carry a car jack and some jack stands inside your box trailer.

Box Trailer Recommendations

To start working with these box trailer camping ideas, you’ll first need to buy yourself a box trailer. On your camping trips, you’re likely to be travelling long distances along highways and through poor weather and uneven or unsealed roads. This means you would need a high quality box trailer that is durable and stable. 

First, we recommend a galvanised trailer. These are trailers that have been treated with a zinc coating. This makes the metal more durable to damage from scratches and weathering, perfect for our harsh Aussie climate. Box trailers that are bare metal or untreated only painted won’t last long before they rust and fall apart. 

For this, we would recommend a tandem axle trailer since they will be able to carry more weight and be towed with more stability. A tandem trailer has two sets of wheels, which distributes weight better than just one set. Over rough roads or on bumpy dirt trails, you will notice that a tandem axle trailer shakes and bounces around less. This will be great to protect any cargo that you’re carrying. 

Make The Box Trailer Of Your Dreams Today!

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There are so many ways that you can turn your box trailer into the best piece of equipment for your next camping trip. Now it’s just time to choose the box trailer camping ideas you like the most and what you want with it! First, you’ll need to get yourself a box trailer to build off of. Get in touch with King Kong Trailers today to get the box trailer you need for your next epic camping trip.

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