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Your Handy Guide to Buy Heavy Duty Box Trailers

Box trailers are practical and relatively easier to use and, indeed the best friend of any handyman. Whether it is about going to and fro from worksites, transporting any materials to distances or carrying tools and equipment, you will need a heavy-duty box trailer. However, choosing the right box trailers for sale in Sydney can be overwhelming. 

Let’s first understand what box trailers are 

Box trailers are trailers that could conceal items, like any box. These trailers are efficient and affordable options, in case you have limited transport storage options. Box trailers are outstanding solutions to supply or move heavy equipment and tools or other types of materials. For those who have large gardens or live on farms or large acreage, a box trailer is a must. Using a box trailer will cut out a majority of the hard labour. 

Today we will cover some of the most significant factors to consider while buying a box trailer in Sydney.

Size and Shape of the Trailer

A bigger payload does not always imply a large, bulky trailer, and a lower payload does not always imply a tiny, compact trailer. With that in mind, the shape of the trailer should be determined by what you want to use it for.

When it is about gardening or farm work and it is mostly about transporting materials, you can go for a more conventional rectangular shape of the trailer.

And, when it is about construction work, where it is mostly about transporting the tools and equipment you can opt for a more square shape. This will give you access to use every part of it to the fullest. The size, on the other hand, should depend on your requirements.  

Material : Since you want to keep your box trailer for many years or perhaps decades, you should be careful to pick a trailer that comes with strong material. Painted steel and bare steel must be avoided for the box trailer’s remaining portion. Always choose hot-dipped galvanised ones because these would sustain longer. Make sure to choose a trailer that comes with a specific warranty period, giving complete peace of mind.

Payload capacity : Each person may have different needs. Most individuals go for the ATM(Aggregate Trailer Mass) weight. ATM weight refers to the combined weight of the payload and the tare weight. To determine whether it is appropriate for the tools, equipment or the specific thing you need to carry, you must take into account the payload capacity. To determine whether the ATM is appropriate for your car to tow, you need to talk to the top trailer manufacturers in Sydney.

Finding the Right Supplier of Heavy-Duty Trailers in Sydney

King Kong Trailers, is the premier provider of high-end box trailers in Sydney. Each of their box trailers comes with galvanised coating and is rust and corrosion free. These products are durable and ideal for hauling heavy, tall or fragile goods.

All of these high-quality trailers are available at competitive prices. Each of the trailers comes with a 12-month warranty. We also offer flexible payment options.

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