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First-Time Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Box Trailer

Box trailers may be seen all across Australia. They are built with all sides of the box lowered or entirely removed to simplify loading and unloading. A trailer may also be seen being utilised as a storage place for perishable products.

In New South Wales, light trailers with a gross vehicle mass of fewer than 4.5 tonnes must be registered, and the process is the same as for light vehicles. Heavy vehicles, such as trailers with a (GTM) gross trailer mass of more than 2 tonnes and those with a GTM of fewer than 2 tonnes with breakaway brakes, are subject to inspections before registration.

However, choosing the correct one for you is essential, as one that doesn’t suit various qualifications might lead to issues on the road. It’s necessary to understand what type of material you’re talking about, how you’ll utilize it and how often you’ll need it.

We’ll help you through the process of finding the proper box trailer for your needs in this article.

What is a Box Trailer?

The term “box” in “Box Trailers” is confusing. We usually think of a box as a container with all four sides closed. In the case of box trailers, though, this is not entirely true. These trailers can be without a roof and have shallow side panels. 

This proves to be a unique feature. You are not limited in your ability to hold high items. Assume you needed to transport a refrigerator. It’s unlikely that a closed box would allow it, but a no-roof box trailer would be excellent. 

Box trailers are the handyman’s greatest friend since they are economical, versatile, and simple to use. You’ll end up enjoying your box trailer like it’s a member of the family, whether it’s for getting to and from job sites or hauling gardening goods over great distances.

Benefits of Box Trailers

Consider the following benefits of using box trailers. 

Low Maintenance

Due to their boxed shape, box trailers are easy to repair. They’re simple to clean, and their structure makes them very durable, so you won’t have to fix or replace your trailer regularly. This is particularly helpful for people who don’t have a lot of time to spare.

Saves Money

When you own a trailer, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the long run if you operate a construction business or regularly transport goods. 

The large variety of box trailers available in Australia ensures that you will be able to locate one that meets your particular needs. This also saves you money over time because you won’t have to rent trailers to finish jobs.

Heavy Weight Capabilities

Box trailers are helpful because they make it simple to carry big goods or many things all at once. 

This is especially useful for individuals working in the manufacturing or construction sectors and for situations such as relocating or travelling by bike. Box trailers with galvanised coatings are also available, allowing you to carry products in all types of weather.

Sufficient Space

Since a box trailer has so much space, you won’t be limited in what you can carry. As box trailers come in various sizes, you won’t have to risk damaging valuable cargo by compressing it into a smaller space.

Easy Towing

Box trailers are incredibly simple to tow and are an excellent first trailer for beginners. Their design keeps products from slipping off in the middle of a trip, and they’re easy to connect to vehicles. 

When looking for box trailers in Australia, think about the car you’ll be towing with and contact an expert for advice.

Complete Security

The caged structure of box trailers makes them totally secure and safe, reducing the risk of items being stolen or being damaged. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Box Trailer

If you’re thinking about buying a box trailer, there are a few things to keep in mind. You most likely already know what size trailer you want, but this guide will assist you in sorting out some of the less obvious factors to consider.

Tare Weight

For energy savings and easy mobility, you need a durable trailer with a low tare weight. It’s pointless to have a trailer capable of carrying 3 tonnes if the trailer itself weighs 2.5 tonnes. Aluminium trailers are typically ideal for this since they also resist rust and corrosion, and they’re generally lighter.

Payload Capacity

Many individuals consider the weight of the ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass). This is the overall weight of the Tare Weight + Payload Capacity. In this case, payload capacity refers to all the cargo weight you intend to haul with your trailer. You should check the box trailer’s payload capacity to see if it is adequate for the load you intend to transport. 

Additionally, you should check the ATM to see whether it is suitable for your car or truck to tow.

Lashing Hooks

You’ll want to secure your cargo with confidence and security. Look for a box trailer with interior lashing hooks that are both strong and convenient. Also, use high-quality lashing straps that will not unhook, snap, or break under any circumstances.


Since you’ll be keeping the trailer for years, if not decades, make sure it’s made of long-lasting material. To avoid corrosion, choose a trailer with a hot-dipped galvanised steel frame.

It is essential in Australia, especially along the coastline, where trailers are often exposed to salty air caused by ocean winds and other extreme weather phenomenon.


Make sure that you’re getting brand new tyres. They are the first feature of the trailer on which you may rely for safety. Check the wheel’s specifications and ratings, such as the wet grip, rolling resistance, and noise ratings.

Box Trailer Maintenance Tips 

The following trailer maintenance tips will help you keep your trailers in good condition.

  • Ensure that the coupling and load are correctly fastened during each trip.
  • Make sure that the tyres are properly inflated and do not rub against the chassis or bodywork.
  • Make sure the car and box trailer are roadworthy. The lights are functional, trailer bearings and brakes are all operating correctly, and that the safety chain is linked with a “D” shackle before each trip.
  • We recommend that customers spray WD40 on the hinges and couplings because paint does not cover them. WD40 protects metal from rust and corrosion by shielding it from moisture and corroded parts, allowing them to function freely.
  • Do not overload your trailer, carry an unsecured cargo, or have a dangerously overhanging load.
  • Trailer hubs must be maintained regularly since they connect the tyres to the trailer axle. The tyres go out of alignment if the hubs aren’t put correctly, maintained, or corroded, and this can cause damage to your trailer, your towing car, and whatever you’re towing in the trailer.

Who Might Use a Box Trailer?

It’s worth noting some of the most common reasons why you would need to purchase such trailers in the first place. Who is most likely to buy a box trailer, and do you think you need one, too?

Businesses Delivering Heavy-Duty Items

A box trailer will help businesses that deliver furniture and housewares. Using a box trailer is often less expensive than renting or buying a van.

Businesses Dealing in Waste Removal

A box trailer will likely be a valuable asset to any local company that deals in bulk removal or delivery.

It’s a great way to keep track of loose objects and garbage that has to be collected and taken to a landfill. They are also ideal for companies that need to transport compost and soil.

Machinery and Heavy Goods

You may need to transport heavy machinery from one location to another in various situations. For example, in the automotive industry, drivers may need to connect large items to the back of their vehicles to carry them without using a van or truck. 

You’re Now Ready to Purchase Your First Box Trailer

Always remember to buy only what you need, not what you want. This will help you stay on budget and get the most out of your box trailer investment. 

If you buy a new box trailer, it will also last a long time, but it is always a good idea to get into the practice of routine maintenance to extend its life.
Whatever you need to be transported, King Kong Trailers in Sydney can deliver it there safely and securely. Browse our box trailers for sale or contact our sales team for assistance.

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