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Ultimate Flat Top Trailer Buyer’s Guide 2021

Kangaroos might be the most common feature outback, but consider this: road trains are a unique Australian feature. The Australian road train monster is made up of two or three trailers. This combination may be as long as 50 meters (164 feet), which is more than twice as long as what you will see on American highways.

One of the most popular trailers used in an Australian road train is the flat top trailer because of its versatility in terms of how they may be loaded and the kind of cargo they can transport. 

In this guide, we’ll look at what a flat top trailer is and why it could be a good fit for personal use or your company. 

What is a Flat Top Trailer?

Flat top trailers are known by many different terms. There are open trailers, tabletop trailers, and flatbed trailers.  

It is simply a trailer with a flat platform and wheels attached. This trailer gives you simplicity in design. If you’ve observed container movement on the roadways, you’ve probably spotted flat top trailers being used to tow the containers.

A flat top is a surface that may be used to put anything on. Tie-downs and other fastening equipment would be required to keep it secure.

The load-bearing capacity is the primary reason why customers opt to buy this kind of trailer. More often than not, a flat top trailer can transport more load than a box trailer.

This type of trailer is quite common in today’s society, especially with the growing mobility of containerized freight in Australia and abroad.

Benefits of Flat Top Trailers


Flat top trailers are simple but versatile. They are suitable for hauling a wide range of goods. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re transporting animal feed, crops, bricks, or construction materials; a flat-top trailer can handle it all.

Simplified Loading and Unloading

Flat top trailers, unlike enclosed trailers, are open on all sides, allowing goods to be loaded and unloaded from almost any angle. Aside from making loading and unloading more manageable, the load on the trailer may be packed in the most efficient way possible, assuring the goods’ safety throughout travel.

Off-Ground Storage

One of the most unexpected benefits of a flat top trailer is that it may be used as a storage alternative for goods that should not be kept on the ground. 

A trailer stocked with supplies may be parked anywhere on your property, including your warehouse, barn, driveway, farm, or anywhere else. This provides you with an additional level of storage.

Hauls Heavy Materials

Because of their large load capacity, these trailers are ideal for moving heavy materials. Flat top trailers can transport anything from tractors to farm and building materials and containers.

Things to Consider When Buying a Flat Top Trailer

Trailers are commonly used to transport heavy items such as agricultural products, containers and oversized cargoes. So, what features should you consider before buying a flat top trailer? 

Size and Design

Flat-top trailers are designed to meet your specific needs. If you need to transport lengthy things, such as your boat, you’ll need an extended trailer.

Farm equipment and oversized cargo may necessitate the use of a wide trailer. The trailer should include twist locks to secure the load. It should also have hooks for attaching chains and straps.


A trailer with solid materials such as galvanised steel will last a lifetime. Also, aluminium material, because of its low weight, is frequently utilised to build compact trailers. State legislation requires that the trailer must meet specific minimal criteria.

Carrying Capacity

Ask about the load capacity of the trailer. Consider your needs in the future. What if you needed to move a larger, heavier item, for example? Your vehicle’s carrying capacity is also an essential factor. 

Also, don’t put too much stuff in your car. You risk creating an accident or ruining the engine of your vehicle if you do so.

Connecting Components

Inspect the condition of the connecting equipment, such as the coupler, safety chains, and ball mount.

Make a Maintenance Schedule

Long trips through sun, rain and snow will always deteriorate your equipment, but the most sensitive parts of your flat top trailer will need more frequent preventative maintenance. It’s critical to stick to one- and six-month care plans so that early signs of damage to high-risk parts aren’t overlooked.

Once a Month

  • Inspect the vehicle for physical damage, including paint, license plates, and mud flaps.
  • Check the lights and reflectors, as well as the wiring.
  • Check for wear and adequate air pressure in your tires.
  • Check the operation of the pulleys and the winch straps for deterioration or rips.

Every Six Months

  • Check the brake lining, inspect it, and keep track of how worn it is.
  • Check for oil leaks, chafing and inspect wheel bearings.
  • Check the alignment of the axles and make a note of the condition.
  • Inspect seals and couplers, springs, torque arms, and U-bolts.

Who Uses Flat Top Trailers?

Gardeners and Farmhands

Flat top trailers are excellent farm work tools. While a box trailer can haul a lot, an open trailer provides greater versatility. You’ll need a lengthy, heavy-duty, and durable system to carry things on the road, for example, if you’re planting trees or removing roots.

People Hauling Varied Loads

This trailer can accommodate a wide range of loads and gives excellent all-around assistance. That’s because there are no impeding walls, slopes, or other features; instead, you have a simple platform, a solid set of axles, and lots of access.

Vehicle Manufacturers and Mechanics

For carrying substantial items, flat top trailers are ideal. For example, suppose you work in the automobile industry. When heavy-duty trucks are not accessible, a reliable flat top trailer will suffice.

Buying a Flat Top Trailer

Finding the ideal trailer isn’t always easy. You may have noticed that there are several options available! Cage and box trailers are preferred by certain drivers, while simpler designs are favoured by others. However, the perfect trailer for you will meet your needs all year.

Flat top trailers are suitable for a variety of transporting purposes because of their versatility. King Kong Trailer offers high-quality flat top trailers at affordable costs to assist you in selecting the best flat top trailer for your business. We also have the best guys for the installation. Browse through our selection of flat top trailers or contact us for more information.

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