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Things to Inspect on Your Trailer for Safe Driving

From transporting construction equipment between job sites to delivering agricultural products to retailers, trailers play a significant role in moving goods across the country.

Since trailers are used predominantly for long-distance transport, they are built for heavy-duty use, just like the ones King Kong Trailers offer. But just because they’re built to last doesn’t mean trailers should go on long-distance, heavy-duty trips without proper care.

Below, we share tips on what you should inspect in your trailers to ensure a smooth and safe journey every time.

Brakes and Bearings

Trailers usually carry a heavy load, making them dangerous on the road if an accident occurs. As such, you must check your brakes and wheel bearings to ensure you can safely stop anytime. If they’re not working, your tow vehicle and trailer may collide and result in a road incident.

Make sure that your trailer brakes are aligned. Check for cracked brake pads, leaks, or sticking and have them fixed if you discover any. Wheel bearings, meanwhile, require annual or biennial replacement of grease seals. However, they must always be cleaned and inspected.


Trailer tires carry a lot of weight, so you must ensure they’re ready for long, heavy hauls. If they’re not inflated enough or are over-inflated, they wear quicker and can make manoeuvring the trailer more difficult.Before and after every trip, make sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure, then adjust it accordingly.

You should also check the tread depth and evenness across the tire, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Make sure your tires don’t go past the acceptable level of tread depth; otherwise, they become a hazard when you drive your trailer.

Hitch Couplers and Jacks

Friction is inevitable as your trailer moves through the road, especially around the parts that connect the trailer to the tow vehicle. This results in excessive wear, which heightens the risks of driving your trailer.

This is why a vital part of trailer inspection is checking that the couplers are operating correctly. The coupler latch should be moving the collar that locks under the hitch ball. If not, grease the inside of the coupler, so the hitch ball becomes properly lubricated.Similarly, your trailer’s tongue jacks also need lubrication by greasing the gears.

Springs and Axle

Springs and axles absorb much of the stress on the trailer, so when they become worn from use or as misaligned, it’s much harder to handle or manoeuvre your trailer.

As a part of your daily inspection, make sure to check on the springs and see that none of them is worn or damaged.

As for axles, check the mounting bolts and make sure they’re tightened and aligned correctly. Apart from affecting your control of the trailer, bent or misaligned axles cause the tires to wear faster.

Safety Chains

Safety chains ensure the tongue of the trailer is connected to the tow vehicle. They are necessary for keeping your control of the trailer and making your way safely to a stopping point in case the hitch ball or coupler fails.

As such, it’s important to keep your safety chains in their best condition. Worn or damaged chains are more prone to breaking, which can result in the uncoupling of your tow vehicle and trailer.

This is why you should always check the chains and make sure they are not damaged in any way. Keep them well off the ground, so they don’t drag on surfaces and wear faster and make sure they are secured to the tow vehicle before moving your trailer.


Visibility is an essential part of long-haul driving, keeping you, your cargo and other people on the road safe. This is why working lights are essential for trailers.

As a part of the trailer’s electric system, your lights are susceptible to corrosion, so they must be properly sealed. Also, check on the wiring regularly and make sure they’re not frayed to keep your trailer lights working.

Keep Your King Kong Trailers Well-Maintained

King Kong Trailers offers trailer inspection to ensure that your trailer is safe for the road.

We also offer high-quality trailers that help you safely transport cargo, no matter the distance. Rated for heavy loads and built to last with galvanised coating, our trailers are durable and long-lasting.

From affordable box trailers to hydraulic trailers, get your heavy-duty trailer from us or schedule an inspection today.

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