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3 Types of Trailer and How to Pick the Right One | King Kong Trailers

If you’re currently looking to move houses or will be starting work in the construction industry, chances are you’ll need a trailer to help you move your stuff. While any trailer might do, any discerning hauler knows that you need the right type of trailer to do the job correctly! But why is this so? Don’t you just need something that can hold all your items?

The answer isn’t as simple as that. Depending on a number of things, from the weight of your load, to how far you’re hauling everything, you’ll need the right type of trailer.

Finding the information you need might be hard, but luckily for you, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to find out the three types of trailers and which one you’ll need to get the job done.

Three types of trailers

The three types of trailers are box trailers, flatbed (or flat top) trailers and hydraulic box tippers. Many other types exist but these are the three most commonly available.

Box trailers

Out of all trailer types, box trailers (also called enclosed trailers) are perhaps the most commonly seen and used. They are a versatile piece of equipment, great for a variety of jobs and moving tasks.

Box trailers come in different sizes but they all typically have side panels around the trailer, providing a ‘nest’ for your items to sit in as you transport them. These side panels may be tall or short, and solid or caged. Box trailers can also have lids or roofs to house your items though most come without this feature.

Flat top trailers

Flat top or flatbed trailers forgo the side panels of their box brothers and instead provide a flat, sturdy surface for you to secure your items to. The advantage of flat top trailers is that they are fantastic for large, heavy types of cargo, and for heavy loads that are unwieldy in shape and size. You don’t need to stuff them into a box trailer – they freely sit on an open, flat top trailer.

An additional bonus to this type of trailer is that they can also be used as a solid onsite platform to work on top of.

Hydraulic tipper box trailers

For a trailer for added versatility and function, look no further than a hydraulic tipper box trailer. These types of trailers are a little more costly than the previous two types but they have a unique feature – a hydraulic pump that acts to tip the trailer over.

This makes loading and unloading your trailer infinitely easier and saves you from the pain and labour of taking every item off your trailer. Most hydraulic tippers also come equipped with safety ramps to slide your load off the trailer and onto the ground.

Which one do I need?

The answer to this question is dependent on many, many things. We can spend all day addressing each factor but we’ve found that there are three main questions you need to ask yourself when picking the right types of trailer.

What kind of load am I moving?

This should be the first question asked as it plays a big role in determining what trailer you need. Because your trailer will be sturdy enough for a lifetime of moving goods, you need to consider the different kinds of things you might be moving. How big are your loads? How heavy will they be?

If you need the security of side walls and a roof, then a box trailer is perfect for you. For larger loads with fidgety dimensions and weird shapes, an open flat top trailer might be more suitable.

What kind of vehicle will be towing the trailer?

Second question to ask yourself is what will be used to tow the actual trailer and how it will be towed. Will it be towed by a heavy duty SUV or truck? Or will the family car be responsible for hauling both trailer and load? Figuring out the answer to these questions will help you pick the right trailer size.

Double check that whatever vehicle you have in mind has the towing capacity to pull not only your trailer but the load within it. Don’t forget that your vehicle will need a receiver to mount the trailer on!

Where am I storing my trailer?

The final question to ask yourself is where you’ll be storing your trailer when it’s not in use. Finding out the answer will help determine the trailer finish, the shelter you’ll need as well as the size of your trailer.

Are you storing it indoors like a garage to protect it from the extremities? Can the garage house the size of the trailer? Or will you just be leaving it outside? In that case you might need a trailer with a galvanised finish to protect it from exposure.

Pick the type of trailer you need

FInding the right type of trailer will not only make your job a whole lot easier, but you’ll definitely be able to save money in the long run! If you still want a little more help, then there’s no better people to ask than the trailer experts at King Kong Trailers! Our friendly staff are ready to help you with whatever you need – including finding the right types of trailer for you! Get in touch today!

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